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Abstract Class1895

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Abstract Class1895
Which of the following class have used the Shape class correctly?
public abstract class Shape {
    public abstract void draw();

    "Insert code here"


A. <cl>public abstract class Triangle extends Shape {
    private int side;
B. <cl>public abstract class Triangle implements Shape {
    public void draw() {
C. <cl>public class Triangle extends Shape {
    public void draw();
D. None of the above
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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

c is the answer here we extend the abstract class and give the definition of the method draw().

Posted by Karteek Paruchuri    2013-11-04 08:54:26

ans must be A as Shape is a class it should be extended by another cls.. b is incoreect bcoz implements shape and C is rong bcoz no definition for draw method

Posted by Pramod Jain    2013-11-04 08:54:35

Ans:A. The correct answer would be a class which extends Shape and defines draw() or an abstract class which extends Shape and doesnt provide definition of draw(). option A matches the second criteria.Option c just declares draw().

Posted by Priyanka Madiraju    2013-11-04 09:07:30

ans A: because  triangle class extends shape but it is not providing the implementaton of the function draw() so defining the class as abstract where as optiob b is implementing draw() and defined as  abstract which is wrong and option c is violating in its definitions and declarations.

Posted by Manasa Jyothi Sree    2013-11-04 10:17:54

Ans:D.  The given class is abstract class i.e. Shape and it's having abstract method i.e. draw(). The draw() is abstract method so it has to be define in sub class. in c draw() method must be define.

Posted by Rambabu Sri    2013-11-04 10:31:03


Posted by Gopinath Manchikanti    2013-11-04 11:07:07

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