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Append values to StringBuffer

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Append values to StringBuffer
What will be the output of the following program?
import java.util.Random;
public class Rhymes {
    private static Random rnd = new Random();
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        StringBuffer word = null;
        switch (rnd.nextInt(2)) {
            case 1 :
                word = new StringBuffer('P');
            case 2 :
                word = new StringBuffer('G');
            default :
                word = new StringBuffer('M');

A. Pain
B. Gain
C. Main
D. Some other output
E. Output can not determined
F. Compilation Error or Runtime Error
Topic: Java Random Class - java.util.Random Package

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

Ans is D
as Random is "Empty",nothing will happen in switch case
in word there will be ain.

Posted by Mânïshå Mùlchåndânï    2014-06-25 09:01:02

C because rnd.nextInt(2) will be zero

Posted by Akash Kolariya    2014-06-25 09:03:46

ans F .....rnd variable cannot invoke nxtInt() function in main class.

Posted by Manasa Jyothi Sree    2014-06-25 09:05:27

Ans is C since the switch case enter the case 2 and creates object by string G and since there is no break stmt after case 2 the controls goes to next case i.e.default case and again creates object by stringbuffer m and comes iut of switch and appendds string a,i,n hence Main is output

Posted by Vicky Maduri    2014-06-25 09:06:01

ans d..ain
r.nxtint(2) generate values 0-1,
but w value s nt changd bcz stringbuffer used to declar final.
so w value cant change.
outsid switch case ,a i n chars are appended with null value.
so output prints ain.switch case pasd but ptints nothing

Posted by Maheshwari Natarajan    2014-06-25 09:32:12

Ans:D (ain)
Explanation:It will be "zero" in switch case.So the output will be ain(D)

Posted by Hari Krishna    2014-06-25 11:03:57

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Posted by Merit Campus    2014-06-26 04:35:04

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