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Boolean operators

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Boolean operators
What will be the output of the following method with various values of a and b?
public void output(boolean a, boolean b) {
    if (a) {
    } else if (a && b) {
        System.out.println("A && B");
    } else {
        if (!b) {
        } else {

A. If a is true and b is true, then the output is "A && B"
B. If a is true and b is false, then the output is "notB"
C. If a is false and b is true, then the output is "ELSE"
D. If a is false and b is false, then the output is "ELSE"
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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

option c.. as when a is false nd b is true....!b will be false nd else will be printed

Posted by Rasagna Veeramallu    2013-04-15 12:56:27

option C

Posted by Nikhitha Reddy    2013-04-15 12:56:54

the first if n else if fails bcoz a is false..and then inside else the first if fails bcoz (~true=false) and hence goes to inner else and prints ELSE

Posted by Nikhitha Reddy    2013-04-15 12:58:02

Anneerrudh Mmahepate :haha.. :D

Posted by Nikhitha Reddy    2013-04-15 12:59:13

answer is C...coz when a is true others if is satisfied..and does not enterr teh else case of C option....a is fals then goes to else goes to b is true so ELSE

Posted by Sravanthi Kappuram    2013-04-15 13:00:06

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Posted by Merit Campus    2013-04-15 15:13:01

thank u MC!! recieved rc

Posted by Rasagna Veeramallu    2013-04-17 14:23:04

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