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Calling classes Constructors

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Calling classes Constructors
Which of the following statements are valid?
public class FindValidStatement {
    public class ClassA { }
    public class ClassB { }
    public void initialize() {
        new FindValidStatement(); // STATEMENT A
        new FindValidStatement().new ClassA(); // STATEMENT B
        new FindValidStatement.ClassB();// STATEMENT C

A. Only STATEMENT A is valid
B. STATEMENT A, B are valid
C. STATEMENT A, C are valid
D. STATEMENT A, B and C are valid
E. None
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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

B is the answer. ststement c is not valid as it does not contain new

Posted by Yeshu Yeshwanthi    2013-08-19 08:29:14

B is the corect answer because C is invalid because we cannot create the object of classB with out creating the object of FindValidStatement

Posted by Ram Reddy Bitla    2013-08-19 08:31:15

B is the answer

Posted by Jeeva Juliot    2013-08-19 12:22:09

ans is optn D.. here all the stmnts are valid.. stmnt A creates the object of FindValidStatement..stmnt B creates the object of ClassA and stmnt C creates the object of ClassB since the object of FindValidStatement has also been created.. the syntax of stmnt B and stmnt C are valid.

Posted by Vamsi Krishna Bulusu    2013-08-19 12:25:27

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Posted by Merit Campus    2013-08-20 03:55:11

got RC :)

Posted by Vamsi Krishna Bulusu    2013-08-21 16:03:09

Posted by Krishna Saradhi    2013-08-22 15:33:43

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