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What will be the output of the following program?
public class JavaCourse {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String course = "Java is my Course";
        String school = "Merit Campus is my school";
        String start = "java";
        String end = "School";
        boolean starts1 = course.startsWith(start);
        boolean starts2 = school.endsWith(end);
        System.out.println(school + " - name ends with " + end + "? " + starts1);
        System.out.println(course + " - name starts with " + start + "? " + starts2);

A. Merit Campus is my school - name ends with School? true
Java is my Course - name starts with java? true
B. Merit Campus is my school - name ends with School? false
Java is my Course - name starts with java? false
C. Merit Campus is my school - name ends with School? false 
Java is my Course - name starts with java? true
D. Some other output
E. Compilation Error or Runtime Error
Topic: Java String startsWith() And endsWith() Methods

If you need explanation Read this topic

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

ans is A as start and end string variable are matched it gives true and prints

Posted by Naga Sinst    2014-06-25 13:37:07

Ans: b
As the school and java have different case  than that of actual sentence thus method will return a falsr

Posted by Anmol Chopra    2014-06-25 13:42:39

Ans is is os not ending with school n course is not starting with starting with Java...both are false

Posted by Uday Kumar    2014-06-25 13:44:24

B is both starts1 and starts2 are false

Posted by Shabaaz Shaikz    2014-06-25 13:46:07


Posted by Shri Nandhitha    2014-06-25 14:31:47

B as java is case sensitive so J and j are not same.

Posted by Amit Sabat    2014-06-25 14:52:24

Congratulations Anmol Chopra. You are this dose winner. We will send you the link using which you can claim your recharge.

Posted by Merit Campus    2014-06-26 04:36:19

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