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Convert length from one unit to another

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Write a program to convert length from one unit to another. Use only Inches, Centimeters, Feet, Meters, Kilometers, Miles for conversion and round off the result to two decimals. Return -1 if conversion is not possible. 1 feet=30.48 cms, 1 mt=3.2808 foot, 1 mile=1.6093 km.

Input (double, String, String) Output (double)
2.23, Kilometers, Centimeters 223000.0
21.65, Inches, Meters 0.55
68.5, Meters, Feet 224.74
56.22, Acre, Meters -1.0
6.5, Foot, Centimeters 198.12
86.4, Meters, Miles 0.05

class ConvertLengthToOtherUnit
    public static void main(String s[])
        double length = 6.5;
        String inputUnit = "Foot", outputUnit = "Centimeters";
        System.out.println("Converting " + length + " " + inputUnit + " to " + outputUnit + " we get " + convertToOtherUnit(length, inputUnit, outputUnit));


    public static double convertToOtherUnit(double length, String input, String output) {

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

To convert one unit into another we use one switch case
-- to check for input unit we use equals() method of String class.if it is foot control will move into the --> case "foot":
inside this case we check the output string if it is cm then outputunit=inputunit*30.48
else if the outputunit is mt then outputunit=inputunit/3.2808 we do it for all outputunits.
--for each input unit seprate cases will be written where inside each case there will be "else if" Ladder...
--to display the output unit upto two decimal we use "format()" method of  java.text.DecimalFormat  class as follows:
DecimalFormat df=new DecimalFormat("###,###.##);
--In else case we check whether outputString is invalid then  we return -1.

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