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Generics Upper Bounded Wildcard

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Generics Upper Bounded Wildcard
What will be the output of the following program?
public class GenericsWildCardsDemo {
    public static void main(String args[])
        Variables<Integer> obj = new Variables<Integer>(5, 8);
    public static void print(Variables<? extends Number> var)
class Variables<T extends Number>
    T x;
    T y;
    Double sum = 0.0;
    public Variables(T x, T y) {
        this.x = x;
        this.y = y;
    public Double getAddition()
        sum+= x.doubleValue() + y.doubleValue();
        return sum;

A. 0.0
B. 13.0
C. Compilation Error
D. Runtime Error
Topic: Generics Wildcards In Java With Examples

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

Ans is C ,,int can't be dereferenced

Posted by Raju VarshnEy    2014-11-06 12:15:00

ans b.variable class object created. it extends number class.print() calld obj passed as an argument.getadditin method return addition of 5,8 integer object. double Value () extracts primitive double value frm integer object

Posted by Maheshwari Natarajan    2014-11-06 12:39:41

Ans is we have UpperBound wild cards which is used to restrict the unknown specific type,it must me child class of the Specified class.... ? extends Number means...any sub class of the we create Object for the variable class with Integer class here it is acceptable Bcz it is an chikd of the we are calling the print method by passing the created this we are calling the getAddition()) there we are  adding x and y to sum and than returing the sum value which is Double...than it wil 8.0+5.0=13.0

Posted by Uday Kumar    2014-11-06 13:34:17

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