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Method Overloading Output

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Method Overloading Output
What will be the output of the following program?
class MethodOverloading
    public static void main(String[] args)
        int a = 12;
        double b = 13;
        double c = m(a, b);
        double d = m(c, a);
        double e = m(a, (int) d);
        System.out.println("c = " + c + " d = " + d + " e = " + e);

    public static double m(int x, double y)
        return x + y;

    public static double m(double x, double y)
        return x - y;

    public static double m(int x, int y)
        return x % y;

A. c = 25.0 d = 13.0 e = 12.0
B. c = 25.0 d = 13.0 e = 25.0
C. c = -1.0 d = -13.0 e = 25.0
D. Compilation Error
Topic: Method Overloading In Java

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Posted by Goutham Singarapu    2015-02-03 15:42:26


--Here,the concept of "METHOD OVERLOADING" is used.

--METHOD OVERLOADING:It meand defining method with same name inside same class but with different parameters.

--for c=m(a,b)
1st method is called i.e. x+y---> 12+13=25 (double of it is

----for d=m(c,a)
2nd method is called i.e. x-y---> 25.0+12.0=13.0

--for e=m(a,(int)d)
3rd method is called i.e. x%y---> 12.0+13.0=12.0

--c=25.0 d=13.0 e=12.0

Posted by Mânïshå Mùlchåndânï    2015-02-03 18:45:01

ans a. We can define more methods with the same name add as long as the parameters are different. But having a method with same parameters and different return type is not allowed. Similarly, the parameter names are of no importance and having two methods with same parameter type and order, but with different parameter names are not allowed. coming to this program initially int a is assigned with 12. double b assigned with 13.thn double c assigned with m( a,b) func here a is 12 b is 13 ,it overload parameters with int and double order,so a+b value get returned and stored in c.c=12+13.0=25.0. next d assigned with m( c,a) here c double, a int it overloads double, double method. int value implicitly converted into double. so 25.0-12.0=13.0, nxt e assigned with m(a,(int)d) here d value explicitly converted into int,but method returns double 12%13=12,returns 12.0,finally sop prints c=25.0,d=13.0, e =12.0

Posted by Maheshwari Natarajan    2015-02-03 18:58:13

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