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Movie Capacity

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Movie Capacity
What will be the output of the following program?
public class MovieCapacity {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String[] names1 = {"DHOOM-3","KRISH","CHENNAI EXPRESS"};
        StringBuffer names[] = new StringBuffer[3];
        for (int i = 0; i < names1.length; i++) {
            names[i] = new StringBuffer(names1[i]);
        print(names, 5);
        print(names, 95);
    private static void print(StringBuffer[] names, int j) {
        for (StringBuffer name : names) {
            System.out.print(name + " capacity- " + name.capacity() + " ");

A. DHOOM-3 capacity- 23 KRISH capacity- 21 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 31 
DHOOM-3 capacity- 23 KRISH capacity- 21 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 31
B. DHOOM-3 capacity- 23 KRISH capacity- 21 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 31 
DHOOM-3 capacity- 95 KRISH capacity- 95 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 95
C. DHOOM-3 capacity- 5 KRISH capacity- 5 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 5 
DHOOM-3 capacity- 95 KRISH capacity- 95 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 95
D. DHOOM-3 capacity- 23 KRISH capacity- 21 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 31 
DHOOM-3 capacity- 118 KRISH capacity- 116 CHENNAI EXPRESS capacity- 126
E. Compilation Error or Runtime Error.
Topic: Java StringBuffer ensureCapacity() Method With Example

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

answer b.
1st function her preallocatin is 5 but it is not enough .for dhoom-3 allocating size7 .hre 16 is added atomaticaly,.similarly for krish 5+16
2nd function preallocatd value enough

Posted by Ananda Kumar    2014-06-06 09:22:47

option b is wil print the capacity plus the enter number..

Posted by Vijay Kumar    2014-06-06 09:28:32

Congratulations Ananda Kumar. You are this dose winner. We will send you the link using which you can claim your recharge.

Posted by Merit Campus    2014-06-09 11:37:24

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