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Print Palindromes2420

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Print Palindromes2420
What will be the output of the following program?
public class PrintPalindromes {
    public static void main(String s[]) {
        String input = "Malayalam";
        for (int i = 0; i < input.length(); i++) {
            for (int j = 0; j + i < input.length(); j++) {
                if (isPalindrome(input.substring(j, j + i + 1))) {
                    System.out.print(input.substring(j, j + i + 1) + "-");
    public static boolean isPalindrome(String input) {
        return input.equalsIgnoreCase(new StringBuffer(input).reverse().toString());

A. M-a-l-a-y-a-l-a-ala-aya-ala-layal-alayala-
B. M-a-l-a-y-a-l-a-m-ala-aya-ala-layal-alayala-Malayalam-
C. ala-aya-ala-layal-alayala-Malayalam-
D. ala-aya-ala-layal-alayala-
E. Compilation Error or Runtime Error
Topic: Conclusion Of Strings In Java

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

ans b
gvn strings substring of polindrm is printed in increasing ordr.

Posted by Maheshwari Natarajan    2014-09-08 12:47:16

answer a.
substrings of givn strngs polyndrom displayed in inc ordr.
upto alayala.
bcz m and M nt equl

Posted by NagaRaj Nataraj    2014-09-08 12:51:23

b.with each prnt stmnt all the palindrome combination substring of input are printed..frstly each lettr is passd thru fnctn n is printed since singl charachtr is palindrom to itself..

den all the palindrome substrngs r checked..n if found then printed

Posted by Asma Mujtaba Khan    2014-09-08 13:44:14

ans b : for each value of outer for loop its i value is taken as no.of letters to iterate and inner for loop goes throgh starting to final position of string based on no.of chars of i value...sub-string of positions is passed and compared in function if the string is palindrom it returns true or else false

Posted by BalRam At    2014-09-08 13:56:19

ans b.
palindrome substrins r printed in incr length of ordr .
equal ignore case usd fr chck.
so it just chck strings same or nt.
dnt chck capital r small word usd

Posted by Anand Kumar    2014-09-08 13:58:27

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Posted by Merit Campus    2014-09-09 04:15:18

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