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Static Block972

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Static Block972
What will be the output of the following program?
class Increment
    public static void main(String[] args)
        Simple s = new Simple();
        Simple r = new Simple();


class Simple
    static int a = 5;
    void incr()

    void display()
        System.out.println("a = " + a);

A. a = 5
a = 5
B. a = 6
a = 6
C. a = 7
a = 7
D. Compilation Error
E. Runtime Error
Topic: Static Keyword In Java

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

ans is C,,,bcoz a is static type variable both object create and use its only one copy,,, and incrmnt same varieble two time,,,

Posted by Raju VarshnEy    2014-11-14 12:32:40

Ans is we Simple class in that we have varible named with a

here a is an static variable which can be accessed with the class name and throug object also....static variables are common to all Objects....
When you create n num of objects than n num of copies will create for instance varibles...where as static variables create once and common to n num of objects....

here we create 2 objects for the simple class than here memory allocated for the a
here a is common to both the objects s and r

next we are calling the incr method with object s here we are increasing a value so that it wil be


next we are calling the incr method with object r here we are increasing a value so that it wil be

next we are calling display() with both objects so that it will print 7...

Posted by Uday Kumar    2014-11-14 12:43:13


Posted by Dereje Goshu    2014-11-14 12:43:24

ans c.this program explains usage of static variable.The problem is that Java doesn't allow global variables.                                                                    Every variable in Java must be declared inside a class. So Java uses the static keyword to indicate that a
particular variable is a class variable rather than an instance variable.                                                                                       The one copy of the variable exists regardless of the number of instances of the class that are created--it
exists and can be used even if the class is never actually instantiated.                                                          static variable can be initialized ly once .                                                     coming to this program we have 2 classes .                               in main class reference for simple class object is created s and r.                                                                            by using that reference incr() method is called.inside simple class a is declared with static assigned with 5 .so it get global access.                                                                     s.incr() method post incrementing a value so a=6,                                                                                      r.incr()--post increments a,a=7.                                                 bcz both s and r refernce to the same address location. after 2 incr() cal finaly a value becom 7.thn s.disply() sop prints 7,r.display() sop prints also 7.

Posted by Maheshwari Natarajan    2014-11-14 17:19:40

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