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Given a string constructed by calling s = new String("xyzzy"); which of the calls modifies the string?
A. s.append("aaa");
B. s.trim();
C. s.substring(3);
D. s.replace('z', 'a');
E. s.concat(s);
F. None of the above
Topic: Conclusion Of Strings In Java

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

F strings can't be modified if we want want modify string we use StringBuffer class

Posted by Ramkumar Boggarapu    2013-12-24 03:31:57

Ans is C or D or E.. substring replace and concat are the methods in Strings where append is nt..

Posted by Om Prakash Om    2013-12-24 03:39:20

ans is "D" bcoz it replasces which is modifies the ansr. dats wat askd in que...

Posted by Karthik Kulkarni    2013-12-24 03:42:01

D becocz string is a mutable objcet so we cant change

Posted by Rajashekar Chelpuri    2013-12-24 04:05:13

Ans:C because String class doesn't exist these replace method, for it builder have to use, and append n concat doesn't give results becoz strings are mutable.

Posted by Shreenath Chandrakanth    2013-12-24 04:35:42

Ans is E,none of the above calls modifies the string.

Posted by Ankit Mudiraj    2013-12-24 07:17:44

answer is 'F' string class objects are immutable all the methods above will return a new string but they won't modify the actual string

Posted by Sai Teja    2013-12-25 02:46:37

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Posted by Merit Campus    2013-12-25 03:53:41

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