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Truth Always Triumphs

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Truth Always Triumphs
What will be the output of the following program?
public class TruthAlwaysTriumphs {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    public static void print(int i) {
        boolean result = true;
        switch (i) {
            case 0 :
                result &= (5 > 7);
            case 1 :
                result = result || 7 > i++;
            case 2 :
                result = result ^ result;
            default :
                result = false;
        System.out.print(result ? "(F)" : "(T)" + i);

A. (T)1(T)1(T)2(T)-1(T)3
B. (T)0(T)1(T)2(T)-1(T)3
C. (F)0(F)1(F)2(F)-1(F)3
D. Some other output or Compilation Error
Topic: Java Methods - Parameter Passing And Scope

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User comments below. All of them might not be correct.

Ans is A. for the first print() call, result is initially true and i is 0. after first case in switch i.e., case 0 result wil become false (since true and false is false (5 > 7 gives false)). Since there is break statement it will continue with second case where i is incremented to 1 and result is true. after that for next case the result is false so (T) is printed first time and so on.

Posted by Nikhil Sulibhavi    2014-05-27 12:49:33

Answer is : option A,using switchcases and break we print the numbers present in the main function except print(0) because it fails  print(1),print(1),print(2),print(-1),print(3).

Posted by Sivani Reddy Kakuru    2014-05-27 12:52:33

Answer : A
> for print(0) the Case 0 , Case 1 , Case 2 are executed and due to which the result variable will  store false , true , and ultimately false anr print T , 1 coz of the incerment in Case 1
> for print(1) case 1 , Case 2 are executed and result will store true then false and print T , 1
>for print(2) case 2 is executed and result will have false and hence will print T 2
>for print(-1),print(3) the default case is executed and the result will hvae false value and will print T-1 and T3 respectively

Posted by Deepak Kumar Yadav    2014-05-27 13:02:32

ans A. in the 1st function 0 is passd to the switch case case 0 fails ,case 1 result is true so 1 and i incremntd,case 2 result false bcz of xor operation- (T)1.
2nd functn case 1 true,case 2 result false,hre i is not incremntd bcz of using or opertn (if result false thn i incrmnt )-(T)1.
3rd functn case 2 result false  (T)2.
4 th func -1 goes default case so ans is (T)-1.
5th functn 3 default case result false (T)3.

Posted by Maheshwari Natarajan    2014-05-27 13:21:13

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