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We at Merit Campus provide training in Core Java for professionals, job seekers and students . With more than 30 years of experience in java development, our tutors not only train you for academics but also help you run real-time projects for professional learning. Our training material and online programs make you expert in Core Java Programming only in few days.

Course Fee

6499 INR (109 USD)

15-days refund policy

Upcoming Batch 1
Date  :  22-May-2017
Time  : 6:00 PM (IST)
Size    : 4 Students
Tutor  : Vinod
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Upcoming Batch 2
Date  :  22-May-2017
Time  : 9:00 AM (IST)
Size    : 4 Students
Tutor  : Pavani
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Your Tutors

Siva Nookala

After graduating from NIT Surathkal in 1999, Siva worked with various companies such as Citigroup, Ericsson, Polaris and Wipro. He has overall work experience of 17+ years in IT industry, with major focus towards Java and related technologies throughout. He has been passionately training students on different technologies since then, to make them a successful professional.

Siva Nookala LinkedIn Profile

Srinath Chittela

Srinath has diverse knowledge on various technologies i.e Java, Android and Ruby on Rails with 5+ years of overall work experience. With hand-on different business domains such as Geosciences, Retail and Education, he has worked closely on the related applications end-to-end using his expertise in programming.

Srinath Chittela LinkedIn Profile

Narayana Reddy

Narayana is skilled in object oriented programming and has instrumental approach towards developing frameworks using Core Java. He has effectively designed many applications which are easy to maintain and implement. His amazing problems solving approach related to Core java will always keep you engaged while help you learn better.

Narayana Reddy LinkedIn Profile

Prem Sai

With a unique teaching style and being excellent in solving the most difficult concepts in simplest way - Prem Sai promises for interesting classes. He has good eye to spot errors and available to make your each difficult problem, the easiest one.


Raja is technically very sound and can solve complex problems easily. He is very good at debugging and at identifying the mistakes in the code. He is good at coding practices as well.

Salient Features

  • Practical approach to every problem through daily learning exercises.

  • Limited batch size up to 4 per batch, ensuring focus on every individual.

  • Track your progress as you learn, take regular quizzes and competitions to stay ahead.

  • Real time problem solving sessions to improve your learning quickly.

  • 6000+ minutes of instructor-led sessions spread across 60 days, get better guidance.

  • Recorded classes for future reference and revisions.

  • Support during placements, resume creation and online portfolio maintenance.

  • Course completion certificate from Merit Campus with recommendation and validation, if required.

  • 15 days refund policy for our courses are not helpful for you.

  • Special Membership worth Rs 320 with additional offerings. View pricing.

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Student Feedback
MB.Parsa Montana,USA

I think Merit Campus is one the best campus to learn Java programming. I remember when I first start learning Java I was struggling in some parts, so I started searching for a place that I can do a lot of practices and ask my questions. So I found Merit Campus. I was not quite sure that it would work! but I decided to give it try and it turned out to be a good decision! I am happy with this course, although I am still working on it but pretty soon I will finish this course.

Yashoda Pokhrel USA

Merit campus is the best place of learning Java online. Class is interactive and courseware is very detailed and effective. They make you learn Java by practice. I really like their online Java practice questions and online java compiler. Teachers are knowledgeable and cooperative. Even Though I am from non-computer background, I am enjoying the class and developing my programming skill.. I am quite hopeful that I will be in job market within a couple of months.

Sulabh Mangal Gurgaon, India

I learned at my own speed. Until i learned, they kept patience. Excellent online material and interactive problem based. Very dedicated and talented team. If you really want to learn, this is the best place.