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Pricing For Java Self Learning & Instructor Led Courses

We have various packages to meet your needs. Whether you need to just write lot of programs or you want to participate in competitions or if you want placement support, or if you want personal training or doubts clarification, we have an option for you.

Java Training Courses Price

Java Regular Course

​Learn java perfectly in 60 days from expert trainers. Merit Campus, is conducting Java training for students who want to learn Core Java perfectly. Jointly we have more than 20 years of Java development experience. We train you not just for the academic purposes, but for working on real­time projects.
Batch Size:4
109 $  
60 Classes 90 Hours 3 months 4 Students

​Java Fast Track Course

​Learn Java within a month from highly experienced tutors through Merit Campus. This fast track course let you complete the course soon than the regular course. Merit Campus takes most of your time in day to complete this training.
Batch Size:4
67 $  
20 Classes 30 Hours 1 month 4 Students

Java Premium Training

​Merit Campus Provide Individual Java training called Java Premium for the students/professionals who are willing to learn alone. In this training, you will be the only person to learn and clarify your doubts with the trainer.
Batch Size:1
150 $  
40 Classes 60 Hours 2 months 1 Student
Android Training Courses Price

​Learn Android Online

​ ​Merit Campus is also providing ​Android Training in 6 weeks. In this we explain all the concepts in Android using 45 sample apps. With this we will covering most of the concepts of Android with examples. We also provide support to clarify your doubts.
Batch Size:4
67 $  
20 Classes 30 Hours 1 month 4 Students

Learn Java With Android

​This course include both Java training and Android training. All the features of Java and Android training are included in this course. We firstly complete core Java and then let you learn Android. By taking this course, you will be learning both Java and Android.
Batch Size:4
150 $  
(60+20) Classes (90+30) Hours (3+1)months 4 Students
Self Learning Tests Price

​Java Practice Tests

Write Unlimited Practice tests.
To write unlimited practice tests from ever growing database of 600+ programs and 2000+ MCQs.Valid for 2 years.
2 $  
2 Years.

​Java Competitions

Monthly Competitions, Top Coder, Celadon and Merit Certificates Participate in six monthly competitions and participate in Top Coder 168, Merit Certificates and Celadon. Prizes worth of Rs. 9000 to be won every month. Monthly Competition - Valid for six months.
Top Coder, Merit Certificates and Celadon - Valid for 2 years.
10 $  
2 Years.

​Java Doubts Clarification

​Clarify all your doubts in Core Java for 6 months from expert trainers.We have experienced tutors to clarify all your doubts in Core Java from 9 AM to 9 PM everyday. 6 Months.
35 $  
6 months.

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