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Boolean data type

What is not an boolean data type information?
A. car has AC
B. bike has kick start
C. volume of water bottle
D. exam pass/fail

Size of the name Sachin Tendulkar

How many bytes do we need to store the name 'Sachin Tendulkar' using the char data type?
A. 32
B. 16
C. 15
D. 30

Identify the incorrect statement about booleans

Identify the correct statement about Boolean data types?
A. Both bool and boolean are valid keywords.
B. bool is a valid keyword, where as boolean is not a valid keyword.
C. boolean is a valid keyword, where as bool is not a valid keyword.
D. None of the above.


What is the numerical range of primitive type char?
A. 0 to 32767
B. 0 to 65535
C. -256 to 255
D. -32768 to 32767

Ascii code of F

If the ASCII code of character 'A' is 65, then what will be the ASCII code of character 'F'?
A. 102
B. 69
C. 70
D. Can not be determined

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