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Size of float in bytes

What is the size of float in bytes?
A. 4
B. 2
C. 8
D. 16

Choose appopriate data type for Pi

What will be appropriate data type for the PI?
A. double
B. float
C. int
D. long

Choose appropriate data type for Avagadro constant

If the value of Avagadro constant is 6.023 x 10 power 23, then what data type should we use to store this info?
A. float
B. double
C. long
D. None of the above

Floating Point Type Information

What is not an example of floating point type information?
A. average marks of a class
B. name of the season
C. short sight spectacles power
D. mega pixels of a mobile camera

Data type for movie collections

If the movie 'Dookudu' was watched by 4 crore people and the average ticket price was Rs. 42.50, which data type will you use to store the collections of the movie?
A. float
B. double
C. char
D. short

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