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Session 8 Test has these questions

Boolean type examples

What is not an example of boolean type data?
A. name of a person
B. mobile has camera
C. third umpire decision
D. exam result

Identify the type of 1025 15611 314 19

If example values of some information are 10.25, 15.611, 3.14 and 19, then which group does it belong to.
A. Boolean Group
B. Character Group
C. Floating Point Group
D. Integer Group

Identify the information types

If we have to store the following information about a student, how many values of from each data type group do we need.

1. Student name
2. College name
3. Roll Number
4. Total Marks
5. Percentage
6. Height in Feet
7. Gender
A. 0 Boolean, 1 Characters, 3 Floating Point and 3 Integers
B. 1 Boolean, 2 Characters, 2 Floating Point and 2 Integers
C. 2 Boolean, 1 Characters, 3 Floating Point and 1 Integers
D. 0 Boolean, 5 Characters, 2 Floating Point and 0 Integers

Floating point type examples

What is not an example of floating point data?
A. cricket run rate
B. percentage of marks
C. Bike has auto start
D. person height in feet

Integer group data

What is not a valid example of integer group data?
A. number of students in a class
B. number of brothers
C. mobile number
D. percentage of marks

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