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Identify the incorrect statement about programming

Identify the incorrect statement about programming languages and skills?
A. A person with good programming skills can learn any new language easily.
B. It is more important that the programmers have good programming skills than the knowledge of the various programming languages.
C. Learning programming languages is more important than gaining the skills, since skills can be easily looked up on the internet.
D. Learning a programming language can be done in 3 to 4 months, but effectively using it might take years.

Most Difficult Programming Task400

Of the below, what will be the most difficult programming task?
A. Finding the LCM of two numbers
B. Selecting a greeting card for your friend
C. Finding the largest perfect square less than 1000000
D. Converting a color photo to black and white


Which of the below is not part of the programming?
A. Designing
B. Composing
C. Writing
D. Maintaining

Most Difficult Programming Task

What will be the most difficult programming task?
A. Finding the factorial of a number
B. Printing the sentence "I Love India" thousand times
C. Predicting the mood of a person in the next one hour
D. Keeping track of the expenses

Identify Invalid Programming Language

Which of the following is not a computer programming language?
A. Java
B. C/C++
C. Python
D. C#
E. Ruby
F. Smalltalk
G. None of the above

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