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The journey of programming starts here, but it ends nowhere :-)

Thank you for choosing Merit Campus to learn Java and to improve your programming skills. Merit Campus can be used by 2-2 Students, Beginners, Intermediate Users and Experts. We have created various paths depending upon the expertise of the users.


If you are beginner and do not know any thing about programming languages, then we suggest you go through the various sessions which will be helpful for the beginners. The concepts and tutorials are designed such that, you can learn Java with out knowing C or C++. Currently we have more than 30 sessions which you can complete one by one. Depending upon the time available you can do one or two or three sessions per day. Every session has some topics to be read and a test to be taken.

Please start your journey with us from here Session - 1 to 10.

2-2 Students

If you are studying 2-2 semester and want to learn as you prepare for the exams, this is the right place. We tried to make the learning as simple and complete as possible. The 2-2 lesson plan has all the details. If you find something missing or you need more info please call/SMS us at 8500-MC-CALL (8500-62-2255) or mail to

All the best and start here.


If you already know some parts/topics in Java and do not want to read them again. Please update what topics you know by selecting them here. Once that is done, you can go to the Practice Tests Tab and take as many Random Revision Tests. This random revision tests are created using the questions from the topics you have marked as read.

Once you have completed all the questions from the topics, you can read additional topics and take 'Random Revision Tests' from them.


If you already know most of Java, then you can go to the Practice Tests Tab and take as many 'Capability Assessment Tests' as possible. This capability assessment tests are created using the questions from anywhere in our database. You can do this until you are exhausted :-) There are enough questions to keep you busy for months together.

Please call/SMS us at 8500-MC-CALL (8500-62-2255) or mail to, if you have any doubts in the topics, videos or questions.

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