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2-2 Students Lesson Plan (2nd year 2nd semester)

We designed this page for 2-2 Students. Objective of this page is to help you learn all the required topics in your 2-2 semester. You can also practice many simple and frequently asked programmes in these concepts. Please note that the best way to learn any programming language is by writing many programmes.

Unit - I

Introduction to Java : The key attributes of the object oriented programming, Simple program, Java keywords, Data types, Identifiers, Operators, Control statements, Arrays, Strings and String Handling.

Unit - II

Classes : Classes and Objects, Methods, Parameters, Constructors and Garbage Collection, Access modifiers, Pass Objects and arguments, Method and Constructor Overloading, Understanding static, Nested and inner classes.
Inheritance : Basic, Member Access, Usage of super, Multi level hierarchy, Method overriding, Abstract class, Final keyword.
Interfaces : Creating and Implementing, Using Extending, and Nesting of interfaces.
Packages : Defining, Finding, Member Access, Importing.
As on 4th May, we have completed all of Unit-2. The other Units will be completed by 30th May 2014.

Unit - III

Exception handling : Hierarchy, Fundamentals, Multiple catch clauses, Subclass exceptions, Nesting try blocks, Throwing an exception, Using Finally and Throws, Built-in exceptions, User-defined exceptions.
I/O : Byte streams and classes, Character streams and classes, Predefined streams, Using byte streamsReading and Writing files using byte streams, Reading and Writing binary data, Random-access files, File I/O using character streams, Wrappers.

Unit - IV

Multithreading : Fundamentals, Thread class, Runnable interface, Creating multiple threads, Life cycle of thread, Thread priorities, Synchronization, Thread communication, suspending, Resuming Stopping threads.
Applets : Basic, skeleton, Initialization and termination, Repainting, status window, Passing parameters
Networking : Basic, Networking classes and interfaces, InetAddress, Inet4Address and Inet6Address, TCP/IP Client Sockets, URL, URLConnection, HttpURLConnection, The URI class, Cookies, TCP/IP server sockets, Datagrams

Unit - V

Swings : The origin and design philosophy of swing, Components and containers, Layout managers, Event handling, Using a push button, jtexfield, jlabel and image icon, The swing buttons, Tress, An overview of jmenubar, jmenu and jmenuitem, Creating a main menu, Add mnemonics and accelerators to menu items, showmessagedialog, showconfirmdialog, showinputdailog, showoptiondialog, jdialog, Create a modeless dialog.

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