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Celadon - Clean Code Matters

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Celadon, which means a willow-green colour is a jumble word for clean code. In the programming world, it is not only important to write a program which solves the user problem, but it also needs to be maintainable such that the future changes can be easily done. If the program is very difficult to understand and maintain, then it is a problem to make the future changes.

We are conducting a daily contest to encourage clean code. As part of this you need to write a program and share it on Facebook. At the end of the stipulated time, we will see how many likes and shares did your program get. We will compare with other solutions for the same program and the program with maximum likes/shares wins. The author of the winning program gets a recharge of Rs.60.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. ~Martin Fowler

Other Info:

  1. There will be a new program every weekday. You will get approximately 24 hours to solve a problem. You will get additional 48 hours to get likes/shares from your friends.
  2. Please do not push your friends to like/share your program. Ask them to like/share it, only if they genuinely think it is good. Please avoid any malpractices.
  3. If we think, a program had been wrongly liked/shared we might disqualify that program. Similarly any copied programs will be disqualified. Please try to be original and honest.
  4. Only pre-paid mobile recharges in India can be processed and it might take upto 7 days for processing the recharge.
  5. The sum of likes and shares will be considered to decide the winner.
  6. This contest might not be conducted on Saturdays, Sundays or any other holidays.

Important Dates & Results

WeekStart DateEnd DateStatusWinnerRunner
723-July-201423-July-2014CompletedUday Kumar (Sreenidhi)
626 May 201430 May 014CompletedUday Kumar (Sreenidhi)
514-Apr-201416-Apr-2014CompletedUday Kumar (Sreenidhi)
405-Apr-201407-Apr-2014CompletedUday Kumar (Sreenidhi)
302-Apr-201404-Apr-2014CompletedUday Kumar (Sreenidhi)

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