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Level Certification Status

Score 700 more to get the Level 1 certificate.

please write practice tests to score more






Level 1 Certificate

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Merit Campus Programming Competitions / Contests

Merit Campus conducts various contests to identify and encourage students with good programming skills. Please register here for participating in Weekly Competition and Merit Certificates
Prizes worth of total Rs. 9000 to be won every month.
Please watch this video to know more about us. If you need any further details please mail us at or whatsapp at +91 8500-MC-CALL (+91 8500-62-2255).

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Merit Campus Certification Levels

Merit Campus issues merit/level completion certificates for those who score more than 700 marks. You can get Level 1 certificate by scoring 700 marks. For Level 2 certificate score 1400 marks. For Level 3 certificate score 2100 marks. If you clear Level 2 or Level 3, you will be eligible for placements through merit campus.

Please note that there are no separate tests for the certification, the practice tests are the certification tests. Go to practice tests and write as many tests are possible.


Top Coder 168

Is patience your strength? Can you answer innumerable questions and write innumerable programs (simple or complex), then Top Coder 168 is the contest for you. Answer as many questions in 168 hours and if you do a good job, you will be rewarded. For answering the questions go to practice tests. There are no separate tests to be written for this, the practice tests are the competition tests.

Blacklamp To check your eligiblity for the Top Coder 168 please login. If your not registered user register here to participate in this competition and win Mobile Recharges worth of Rs. 350/- for every week.

BlacklampThe status will be updated in next 4-5 hours. Please try after some time to see the status of this competition.

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