Classify Student - Java Quiz Question

Write a program to print the classification of the student like 'Dull Boy', 'Intelligent Girl', 'Average Boy' depending upon the marks and gender using only if conditions.
NOTE: If the marks greater than or equal to 75, then the student is 'Intelligent', if marks greater than or equal to 35, the student is 'Average' otherwise the student is 'Dull'.
If the sex is 'M' then student is a 'Boy' and if it 'F' then student is a 'Girl'.

Use System.out.println or System.out.print for printing.

Input (Integer, Character) Printed Output
35, 'F' Average Girl
20, 'F' Dull Girl
90, 'F' Intelligent Girl
40, 'M' Average Boy
18, 'M' Dull Boy
75, 'M' Intelligent Boy

class ClassifyStudent
    public static void main(String s[])
        printStudentClassification(30, 'M');


    public static void printStudentClassification(int marks, char gender)