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What will be the output of the following program.

class BikeTester
    public static void main(String s[])
        Bike bike = new Bike("Hero Honda", "Shine", 125);
        bike.mileage = 72.5;
        bike.diskBrakes = false;

        System.out.println( + "'s " + bike.model + " gives a mileage of " + bike.mileage + "kmpl.");

class Bike
    Bike(String companyParam, String modelParam, int ccParam)
        company = companyParam;
        model = modelParam;
        cc = ccParam;

    String company;
    String model;
    int cc;
    double mileage;
    boolean diskBrakes;

Compilation error - since in the Bike class constructor - mileage and diskBrakes are not initialized.
Compilation error - since data is assigned to member variables - mileage and diskBrakes - after the object is created.
Compilation error - since in the Bike class constructor, the parameter names companyParam, modelParam and ccParam are different from member variables company, model and cc.
Hero Honda's Shine gives a mileage of 72.5kmpl.



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