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Write a program to get the highest factor of a number, which in turn has exactly four factors. If there is a perfect square apart from 1 in the factors, then the smallest perfect square should be returned.

Input (Number) Output (Number)
2697 899 (899 is a factor of 2697 and it has exactly four factors 1, 29, 31 and 899)
206625 25 (25 is a factor of 206625 and it is a perfect square, although there are other factors which have exactly four factors, they will not be considered)
1073 1073 (1073 is a factor of 1073 and it has exactly four factors 1, 29, 37 and 1073)

class HighestFactorOfNumber

{    public static void main(String s[])
        int inputNumber = 2697;
        int factor = highestFactor(inputNumber);
        System.out.println("The factor is " + factor);


public static int highestFactor(int input)
//Write a code here to get the number as per the requirements. If required, you can use isPerfectSquare, getFactors methods.

public static boolean isPerfectSquare(int number)
//Write a code here to check if the given number is a perfect square or not and return it.

public static int[] getFactors(int number)
//Write a code here to find the factors of a given number and return it.



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