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Question Name
Identify Integer Literal441
Identify the correct statement about doubles
Decimal equivalent
Order the floating point literals
Odd Man Out
Order decimal numbers from lowest to highest
Order the following from lowest to highest value
Character Literals
Multiple characters
Multiple characters2589
creating char datatype
creating char datatype1475
Creating Literals
Creating Literals1483
Output will print or not
Output will print
Java Learning School
Print String
String Literal
String Literal2844
Boolean test output
Boolean Literals2842
Boolean Literals2845
Print result2591
Boolean literals
Movies Are Fun
Invalid Variable Name
legal Identifiers
Java book
Scope of variables2193
Find the value of b at the end of the program
Integer conversion output
Print character variables after conversion
Print character variables after conversion2587
Print result
Integer conversion output106
Floating point variables conversion
creating datatypes
Integer Group Literals addition
Integer group variables addition output
Integer Conversion Int to Short
Integer Conversion Output107
Floating point variables conversion109
Floating point variables conversion110
Type Casting Variables1409
I Am Great
Add three numbers
Add Two Numbers
Average of Three Numbers
Multiply two numbers
Feet To Centi Meters Conversion
Evaluate Equation
Calculate Square Of Hypotenuse
Calculate Distance Traveled by Person
Calculate The Probability
Find The Length Of Train
Find The Length Of Platform
Find The Area Of The Rectangle
Convert From Feet To Meters
Arithmetic operators -1488
Currency Conversion
Convert Temperatures
Calculate sum of doubles
Find The Area Of The Biggest Circle In Square
Arthmetic Operators
Given the difference of two numbers and the ratio of larger to smaller find those numbers
Arithmetic Operators Increment Decrement Output
Increment Operators Output
Increment Decrement Operators Output
Arithmetic Operators
Hikes and Hikes
Arithmetic Operators1484
Modulus Operator and Integer Literals
Modulus Operator Output
Rearrange the following
Operators Correct Statement
Arithmetic Operators1411
Arrange such that a is 10 and b is 70
Modulus Operator
Arthmetic Operators2745
Variable Declaration2011
Compound Assignment Operators Output
Arithmetic Operators Increment Decrement Compound Assignment Output
Arithmetic Operators Increment Decrement Compound Assignment Output36
Arithmetic Operators Incorrect statement
Arrange the lines of the code
Creating Variables and Arithmetic Operators
Arrange such that a is 700 and b is 164
Relational Operators Correct Statement
Relational Operators

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