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Can Horse Kill Pawn
Rounding Function2383
Recharge your Prepaid network
Recharge your Prepaid network2401
Search student details2404
Find price
Find balance
Convert degrees to radians
Convert radians to degrees
Find The Area Of The Biggest Circle That Goes Through All Corners
Inverse trigonometric functions
Track Steps
Calculate the angles of a triangle by using the coordinates
Enum class
What he is doning
What he is doning2325
ENUM and Switch
Creating Enum class1777
People names
People names2315
Sun Moon Stars
Creating Enum2889
Creating Enum
Creating Enum classes
Creating Enum class
Enumeration and Autoboxing
Print Mosquito Coil
Print input value
Delete Elements From List
Get first element from list
Get first element from list if value is null
Get last element from list
Get last but one element
Check the given index is valid for given list
Remove null and empty in list
Reverse elements of the given array
Print items for List
Copy data from one list to other list
Convert double list into double array
Convert integer list into integer array
Convert float list into float array
Move before the given item to specified item in list
Move after the given item to specified item in list
Swap the items in list
Add And Remove From Collections
Create List For Given Elementselements never be null or empty string
Find The Given Number Is Equal To Any One Of The Numbers
Collections creating Array list
Welcome with List
Creating ArrayList and foreach loop
Add strings to list
Add strings to list1163
Calculate the total score of batsman
Get from List
Group Strings By Length
Delete Failed Students
Find the list of the numbers that form coprimes with the given input number
Get string item after the given item from list
City Distances
Get string item before the given item from list
Remove Strings Having Numbers from List
Get the list of first class students
Get the list of qualified students
Get first matched string having the given keyword
Get last matched string having the given keyword
Move the given item to specified index in list
Find the words starting with letter r in a given sentence
Find the words which contains me in the given sentence
Identify the minimum set of currency notes required to return any amount
Identify the minimum set of weights which are required for weighing any weight
Find most similar name using ASCII code comparison
Find most similar name using length and ASCII code comparison
Given the ball by ball activity get the fall of wickets in a match
Get total distance of the train journey
Get the average speed of a train
Get travel time between two stations
Get total waiting time between two stations
Identify the stations between which the distance is shortest
Convert amount from one currency to another
Get Relevant Exchange Rate
Calculate the balance at the end of the day
Calculate total weekly interest given every day balance
Move A String In The List
Find If A List Has Duplicates
Get Unique Strings List
Measure oil with given cans
Get the list of the numbers as per the requirements
Print the characters at the given location in a matrix
Identify the number of pairs such that the man is elder than woman
Find all the possible positions which a camel can take
Reverse Strings Having Special Characters
Find the words which ends with letter s in a given sentence
On chess board find the path of a horse between two positions
Map the numbers from one list with the nearest number in the other list

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