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Question Name
Find The Nearest Value For Given Value From List Values
Find After The Nearest Value For Given Value From List Values
Empty List And Empty Set
Reverse the elements from given input
Swap the element from given inputs
Sort Students By Roll Number
Sort students by name in ascending order
Sort students by name in descending order
Rank Students
Find the relations between family members
Get the best block pattern for getting maximum marks
Identify the best round robin pattern which gets maximum marks for an unprepared student
Find Before The Nearest Value For Given Value From List Values
Create Map Of Nearest Values From Two Different Lists Using Top Down Approach
Add elements to Empty Set
Balance the teams according to the score
Sort Students By The Given Option
Print Team Positions After Sorting By Points And Net Run Rate
Create A List Of Words With All The Char Combinations
Creating Set
Creating HashMap and Iterator for it
Difference between array and ArrayList
Singleton Collections Test
Singleton Collections Test2138
Number of copies of A
Arrays Are Useful
Numbers Can Be Confusing
Creating ArrayList
Minimum and Maximum in Numbers
Collections predefined methods
Compare SubWoofer1 and SubWoofer2
Linked Hash Set1195
Generic Class Method and Variables
Test List Fill And Frequency
Print Array Values
Array declaration creation1641
Print the cells in the honeycomb
Generic Collections
Generic Collections2163
Generic Collections2164
Case in senstive sorting of strings
Find Maximum Double using Collections
Binary Search Of Characters
Compare collection programs
Cloning Vectors
Add vectors and arrays
Software Engineer Statement
Test Contains All
Test Contains All1153
Vector add and print elements
Collections Vector
Vector test
Get Sub List from Vector
Swap elements in list
Linked List Push and Pop
Collections Stack
Add items to Dictionary2146
Add items to Dictionary
Add items to Dictionary2145
Add items to Dictionary and printing
Hashtable interface
Numbers in Hashtable
Numbers in Hashtable1157
Test Contains Value
Test Contains Key
Collections Map
Rest In Peace ANR
Rest In Peace ANR2530
Rest In Peace ANR2531
Rest In Peace ANR2533
Creating TreeSet
FindThe Maximum Decimal Count For Given Numbers
Enjoy Fully
Possible Ways
Calculate the run rate at the end of each over
Calculate the strike rate of batsman
Collections : Iterator
Find frog possible frog jumps
Get the parent of a person
Dispense cash using the given currency notes
Find all the possible positions which a horse can take

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