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Question Name
Identify incorrect statement about classes196
Identify the correct statement about classes objects and references
Identify incorrect statement about classes objects and references
Classes and Objects2809
Define Water Bottle Class
Define Chair Class
Objects and References
Define Mobile Class
Update student total marks
Classes and Objects2758
Classes and Objects2759
Classes and Objects2760
References and Local Variables
Accessing member variables
Accessing member variables2806
Accessing member variables2807
Accessing member variables2811
Accessing member variables2812
Accessing member variables2813
Objects and References188
Objects and References189
Objects and References190
Objects and References Incorrect statement
Objects and References192
Create Book objects and assign data
Create Book Copy
Copy details from one book to another
Give Discount on Book Price
Calculate Statistics
Class References and Objects
Class References and Objects2815
Class Output810
Class Output811
Bajaj Bike Constructor
Multiple Constructors
Define Mobile Class and Constructors
Classes and Objects
Creating Class with constructor
Multiple constructors for Bike class
Class with multiple constructors
Creating Class with multiple constructors1464
Define Book Class With Multiple Constructors
Class constructors correct statements
Convert Mobile To Delimited Format
Define The Constructor
Chaining of constructors
Temparature Conversion
Constructors using this keyword
Constructors using this keyword194
keyword for accessing the current object
Find Student With Highest Marks
Convert Mobile To XML
Creating objects for class
Calculate the profit share of B
Objects and References Using one object and one reference
Constuctor To Use Some Other Constructor in The Same Class
Identify incorrect statement about classes
Print summary method in Car class
Identify the incorrect statement about class methods
Find Room Area
Upgrade Car To What Ever Possible
Estimate Computer PC Cost
Adding behavior methods to classes
Recursive Method
Constructors Using This
Find if the given points form a trapezoid
Cute Family
Account Test
Get the area of a quadrilateral
Get the area of a rectangle
Find if the given point lies in a Rectangle
Find the intersection rectangle of given two squares
Find the intersection rectangle of given two rectangles
Creating Class with multiple constructors
Classes inside the class1945
Get the equi distant point on the same line
Find if the given points form an equilateral triangle
Find if the given points form an acute triangle
Find if the given points form an isosceles triangle
Class Output
Simplify The Fraction
Find whether the camel can kill a pawn
Find whether black camel gets killed given that white elephant is at E7 white camel at F3 and white minister at D2
Check if the number is accepted at the given sudoku position

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