Core Java Topics & Basic Concepts Complete list

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1Overview Of Programming With Java
1.1What Is Programming ? Why We Need Programming
1.2How To Learn Programming & Programming Skills
1.3How Can I Be A Good/Excellent Programmer
1.4More details on Java
1.4.1Platform Independence In Java - WORA & WOCA
1.4.2Java And Internet - Creating Java Applet
1.4.3What Is Servlet In Java?
1.4.4Java Bytecode
1.4.5Java Buzzwords
1.4.6JDK JRE JVM JIT - Java Compiler
1.4.7Java Versions And Changes Done In Every Version
1.4.8Java Keywords
1.5Simple Programs and Development environment
1.5.1Installation Of Java on your PC
1.5.2Java Sample Program - Simple Hello World Program In Java
1.5.3How to Compile and Run Java Program In Cmd Prompt
2.1Data Types In Java
2.2Primtive Dataypes
2.2.1Primitive Data Types In Java
2.2.2Integer Data Types In Java
2.2.3Floating Point Data Types In Java
2.2.4Java Character
2.2.5Boolean Data Type In Java
2.2.6Literals Literals Literals In Java Point Literals In Java Literals In Java Literal In Java Literals In Java
3.1Java Variables
3.2Scope Of Variables In Same Block
3.3Type Conversion In Java
3.4Type Casting In Java
4.1Operators In Java
4.2Java Arithmetic Operators
4.3Basic Arithmetic Operators In Java
4.4Increment And Decrement Operators In Java
4.5Modulus Operator In Java
4.6Arithmetic Compound Assignment Operators In Java
4.7Relational Operators In Java
4.8Boolean Logical Operators In Java
4.9Short Circuit Logical Operators In Java
4.10Assignment Operator In Java
4.11Ternary Operator In Java
4.12Java Operator Precedence And Associativity
4.13Temperature Conversion Program In Java
5Control Statements
5.1Control Statements In Java
5.2Selection Statements
5.2.1Selection Statements In Java
5.2.2if Condition In Java
5.2.3Nested if Statements In Java
5.2.4if else if ladder In Java
5.2.5switch Statement In Java
5.2.6if else Vs switch Performance In Java
5.2.7Nested switch Statements In Java
5.2.8Fall Through Switch Case Statements In Java
5.3Blocks of code
5.3.1Block Of Code In Java
5.3.2Scope Of Variables In Nested/Multiple Blocks
5.3.3Lifetime Of Variable In Java
5.3.4Expressions, Statement, Line & Block In Java
5.4Iteration statements (Loops)
5.4.1Iteration Statements Or Loops In Java
5.4.2while Loop In Java
5.4.3for Loop In Java
5.4.4for Vs while Loop In Java
5.4.5do while Loop In Java
5.4.6Nested Loops in Java
5.4.7Nested While Loop In Java
5.4.8Nested for Loop In Java
5.4.9for Loop Example Program In Java - Sum Of Numbers
5.4.10Factorial Program In Java Using for Loop
5.4.11Factorial Program In Java Using While Loop
5.5Jump Statements
5.5.1Jump Statements In Java
5.5.2Using Break In for Loop To Exit
5.5.3Using break in switch case Statement
5.5.4Using Java Break Statements as Java Goto
5.5.5Using break In Nested Loop Java Program
5.5.6Java continue Statement
5.5.7Java return Statement
5.6Java for loops vs Java while loops vs Java do while loops
6Methods - Importance
6.1Basic Java Methods
6.2Java Methods
6.3Java Methods - Parameter Passing And Scope
6.4Java Program To Find Simple Interest Using Methods
6.5Recursive In Java
7Array - Overview
7.1Java Array
7.2Creation And Declaration Of Array In Java
7.3Arraylist Access Using Index
7.4Java Multidimensional Array
7.5Java Array Initialization
7.6Learn Arrays And Loops
7.7Java Code To Print Student Details Using Arrays
7.8For-each Loop In Core Java Programming
7.9Command Line Arguments In Core Java Programming
8.1Java Class
8.2Java Classes and Java Objects
8.3Java Objects References
8.4Member Variable In Java
8.5Class References And Objects In Java
8.6To Print Student Details Using Classes In Java
8.7Create Objects Using Constructors In Java
8.8Class With Multiple Constructors In Java
8.9this Keyword In Java
8.10Behavior Of Java Classes Using Methods
8.11Java Multiple Methods In One Class
8.12Calling A Class From Another Class In Java
8.13Creating A Class For Data Validation
8.14Java Program To Find Rectangle Area & Perimeter Using Classes
8.15Java Program to Find Area of Various Shapes Using Classes
8.16Java Program To Compare Movies
9Class Inheritance
9.1Java Class Inheritance
9.2Is-A Relationship In Java
9.3Passing Sub Class Object As Super Class Reference
9.4Assigning Sub Class Object To Super Class Reference In Java
9.5Assigning Super Class Reference To A Sub Class Reference In Java
9.6Multilevel Inheritance In Java With Example Program
10Methods Overiding, Overloading
10.1Method Overloading In Java
10.2Is Java Pass by Reference or Pass by Value
10.3Method Overriding In Java
10.4Inheritance Example Program To Remove Duplicate Code
10.5How A Method Can Be Overridden In Different Ways
10.6Method Overloading Vs Method Overriding
10.7Super Keyword In Java To Call Super Class Constructor
10.8Inheritance And Constructors In Java
10.9Dynamic Method Dispatch - Calling Overridden Methods In Java
10.10Run Time Polymorphism In Java
11Abstract Class And Methods
11.1Java Abstract Class
11.2Abstract Method In Java
11.3Rules For Abstract Methods and Abstract Classes
11.4Creating Array Of Objects In Java
11.5Java Program To Find Largest Area by Comparing Various Shapes
11.6Java Program For Cricket Players Using Class Hierarchy
12Interfaces, Packages and Access Control
12.1Java Interface
12.2Difference Between Interfaces And Abstract Classes
12.3Future Task Java Program Using Interfaces
12.4Creating Interface In Java With Example Program
12.5Java Package
12.6How To Compile Classes in Package
12.7Using private Keyword In Java For Access Control
12.8Access Modifiers In Java
12.9Java Access Modifiers With Example Program
13final, static and others
13.1final Keyword In Java
13.2Static Keyword In Java
13.3Creating Static Methods In Java Using Static Keyword
13.4Singleton Design Pattern In Java
13.5Java Program To Explain Public Static Void Main
13.6Static and Non Static Variables - Static and Non Static Methods
14Object Oriented Concepts - Revisited
14.1Abstraction in Java
14.2Polymorphism In Java
14.3Encapsulation In Java
14.4Inheritance In Java
15.1Why Java Throws Exceptions
15.2How To Handle An Exception In Java
15.3Exception Handling In Java with Example Program
15.4Try Catch Block In Java
15.5Java Multiple Catch Block With Example Program
15.6Java Finally Block In Exception Handling
15.7User Defined Exception In Java
15.8Java Throw Keyword - Java Throws Keyword
15.9Difference Between Error and Exception in Java
15.10Checked Exception Vs Unchecked Exception In Java
15.11Java Built In Exceptions Checked Exceptions, Unchecked Exceptions
15.12Exception Handling Syntax In Java Programming
16Multithreaded Programming
16.1Thread Concept In Java
16.2The Java Thread Model
16.2.1Creation Of Threads In Java
16.2.2Java Inter Thread Communication With Example
16.3.1Thread Synchronization In Java Using 'Synchronized'
16.3.2static synchronized In Java
16.3.3Java Synchronized Blocks
16.4Handling Thread DeadLock In Java
16.5Java Thread Group
16.6Modern Ways Of Suspending, Resuming And Stopping Threads In Java
17.1Java Generics
17.2A Simple Generics Example
17.2.1How Generics Improve Type Safety In Java
17.3A Generic Class With Two Type Parameters In Java
17.4Java Bounded Type - Bounded Type In Java
17.5Generics Wildcards In Java With Examples
17.6Java Generics In Methods And Constructors
17.7Generic Interface In Java
17.8Java Type Erasure
18.1Java String
18.2Java length() Method | length() Method In Java - Strings
18.3Special String Operations
18.3.1Literals In Java
18.3.2Java String concatenation - concat() Method In Java
18.3.3Java String Concatenation with Other Data Types
18.3.4Java String Conversion - toString() Method In Java
18.4Character Extraction
18.4.1charAt() Method In Java - Java Character Extraction
18.4.2getChars() Method In Java
18.4.3Java Character Extraction - Java String getBytes() Method
18.4.4Java Character Extraction - toCharArray() Method In Java
18.5String Comparison
18.5.1Java String Comparison Methods - Equals and EqualsIgnoreCase
18.5.2Java regionMatches() Method - String Comparison
18.5.3Java String startsWith() And endsWith() Methods
18.5.4Java equals method vs == Operator
18.5.5Java compareTo() method
18.6Java Searching Strings - Java indexOf, lastIndexOf Methods
18.7Modifying a String
18.7.1Java String substring() method - substring In Java
18.7.2concat() method In Java
18.7.3replace() Method In Java
18.7.4Java String trim() Method - trim() Method In Java
18.8Data Conversion Using valueOf In Java
18.9toLowerCase() And toUpperCase() Methods In Java
18.10Additional String Methods in Java
18.11Java String Arrays - String Arrays In Java
18.12.1 Java StringBuffer
18.12.2Java StringBuffer
18.12.3Java StringBuffer length() And capacity() Methods
18.12.4Java StringBuffer ensureCapacity() Method With Example
18.12.5Java setLength() Method In StringBuffer Class
18.12.6Java charAt() And setCharAt() Methods in StringBuffer
18.12.7StringBuffer getChars() Method In Java With Example
18.12.8Java append() Method In StringBuffer
18.12.9Java StringBuffer insert() Method With Example
18.12.10Java StringBuffer, reverse() - Reverse A String In Java
18.12.11Java delete() and deleteCharAt() Methods In StringBuffer
18.12.12Java StringBuffer replace() Method With Example
18.12.13Java substring
18.12.14Additional StringBuffer Methods In Java
18.13StringBuilder Class In Java
18.14Conclusion Of Strings In Java
19Exploring java.lang
19.1Primitive Type Wrappers
19.1.1Java Number Class
19.1.2Java Double Class And Java Float Class
19.1.3Java isInfinite() And isNaN() Methods In Double Class
19.1.4Creating Objects for Primitive Data Types (Byte, Short)
19.1.5Converting Numbers to and from Strings In Java
19.1.6Java Character Class
19.1.7Character Unicode, Code Point Support In Java
19.1.8Java Boolean Class
19.2Java Void Class
19.3Java Process Class
19.4Java Runtime Class - java.lang.Runtime
19.5Java ProcessBuilder
19.6.1Using currentTimeMillis() Method In Java
19.6.2System Class arraycopy() Method In Java
19.6.3Java Environment Properties
19.7Object As A Super Class In Java
19.8clone() Method And cloneable Interface In Java
19.9java.lang.class - Java Library
19.10Java ClassLoader
19.11Java Math Class - java.lang.Math
19.12Java Package Class
19.13 Java Enumeration
19.14Java Comparable Interface with Example
19.15Conclusion (Exploring java.lang)
20Collections Framework
20.1Java Collections Overview
20.2Collection Interface
20.2.1Java List Interface
20.2.2Set Interface In Java
20.2.3Java SortedSet Interface
20.2.4Java NavigableSet Interface
20.3Collection Classes
20.3.1Java ArrayList
20.3.2Java LinkedList
20.3.3HashSet Class In Java
20.3.4 Java LinkedHashSet
20.3.5Java TreeSet - TreeSet Examples in Java
20.3.6Java PriorityQueue - PriorityQueue In Java
20.3.7Java ArrayDeque Class
20.3.8Java EnumSet
20.4.1Java Iterator
20.4.2List Iterator In Java
20.5Map Interfaces
20.5.1Java Map Interfaces - HashMap, TreeMap, LinkedHashMap
20.5.2Java SortedMap Interface
20.5.3Java NavigableMap
20.5.4Java Map.Entry Interface
20.6Map Classes
20.6.1Java HashMap Implementation
20.6.2TreeMap In Java - java.util.TreeMap
20.6.3Java WeakHashMap Class
20.6.4LinkedHashMap In Java with Code Example
20.6.5Java IdentityHashMap
20.6.6Java EnumMap
20.7Java Comparators
20.8Collection Algorithms
20.8.1Java Collection Algorithms
20.8.2Java Read-only Collections And Algorithms
20.8.3Java Thread Safe Collections & Algorithms
20.8.4Java Singleton
20.8.5Java nCopies Collections - Collections.nCopies() Method
20.9java.util.Arrays - Class Arrays In Collection Framework
20.10Why Collections Are Generic In Java?
20.11Legacy Classes and Interfaces
20.11.1Java Enumeration Interfaces - Java Enumeration Examples
20.11.2Java Vector
20.11.3Stack In Java - java.util.Stack Class
20.11.4Java Dictionary Class - java.util.Dictionary
20.11.5Java Hashtable
20.11.6Java Properties Class - java.util.Properties Class
20.12Collection Framework In Java
21More Utility Classes
21.1Java Collections - Utility Classes In Java
21.2StringTokenizer In Java
21.3Java BitSet
21.4Java Date Class
21.5Calendar In Java - java.util.Calendar Class
21.6Java GregorianCalendar
21.7Java TimeZone Class
21.8Java SimpleTimeZone
21.9Locale Class In Java
21.10Java Random Class - java.util.Random Package
21.11Java Observable
21.12Java Timer Class And Java TimerTask Class
21.13Java Currency Class
21.14.1Java Formatter Class
21.14.2Java Formatter Methods
21.14.3Java Formatter
21.14.4Formatting Strings And Characters By Using Formatter
21.14.5Java Formatting Numbers
21.14.6Formatting Date And Time In Java With Example
21.15.1Java Scanner Class Constructors With Example
21.15.2Java Scanner Class Methods With Examples
21.16Java ResourceBundle, ListResourceBundle And PropertyResourceBundle Classes
21.17java.util Subpackages
21.17.1Usage Of java.util.logging Package
21.17.2Java Regular Expression
22Input/Output: Exploring
22.1Java Input/Output Classes And Interfaces
22.2.1Java Directories - isDiretory() Method In Java
22.2.2Using FilenameFilter Interface In Java
22.2.3Alternative For list() Method - listFiles() Method
22.2.4Creating Directories In Java - Creating Java Directories
22.3AutoCloseable, Closeable And Flushable Interfaces In Java
22.4Java I/O Exceptions - I/O Exceptions In Java
22.5Two Ways To Close A Stream In Java
22.6Java Stream Classes
22.7Byte Streams
22.7.1Java InputStream Class
22.7.2Java OutputStream Class
22.7.3Java FileInputStream
22.7.4Java FileOutputStream
22.7.5Java ByteArrayInputStream
22.7.6Java ByteArrayOutputStream
22.7.7Java Filtered Byte Streams
22.7.8Java Buffered Byte Streams
22.7.9Java BufferedInputStream
22.7.10Java BufferedOutputStream - BufferedOutputStream In Java
22.7.11Java PrintStream Class
22.7.12DataInputStream And DataOutputStream In Java
22.7.13Java RandomAccessFile
22.8Character Streams
22.8.1Reader Class In Java
22.8.2Java Writer Class
22.8.3Java FileReader
22.8.4Java FileWriter
22.8.5Java CharArrayReader
22.8.6Java CharArrayWriter
22.8.7BufferedReader In Java
22.8.8Java BufferedWriter
22.8.9PrintWriter Class In Java
22.9Java Console Class
22.10.1Serialization In Java
22.10.2Externalizable In Java with Example
22.10.3Java ObjectOutput
22.10.4Java ObjectOutputStream
22.10.5Java ObjectInput
22.10.6Java ObjectInputStream
22.10.7Java Serialization Process -
22.11Java Stream Benefits
22.12Conclusion To Input/Output (Exploring
23Other Core Java Topics
23.1Other Advanced Topics In Java
23.2Advanced Java Programming Concepts

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