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Siva Nookala - 19 Feb 2019
Learning a computer programming language is very easy compared to writing good programs and using the language effectively. For a beginner, it might take 4-5 months to learn a new Programming language where as perfecting the programming skills including the design, debugging and maintenance might take more than 3 to 4 years. To become an excellent programmer, one need to work hard.

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How to Become Excellent Programmer

Listed below are few of skills which everyone needs for becoming a good programmer.
  • Problem solving skills and aptitude: Every programmer must constantly strive to improve the problem solving skills. Since every program we write will be a new problem and with out proper problem solving skills, we can not effectively solve those problems. Aptitude is not just for clearing the rounds of job interview, but it is some thing which has to be practiced continuously even after getting the job. It is really important to keep them sharp through out the programming career. There are good books like RS Agarwal for Aptitude and websites like indiabix which help in improving the problem solving skills and also keeping them sharp.
  • Ability to learn new things and be ready for change: With aptitude and problem solving skills comes the ability to learn new things. As you all know the world is changing fast, but programming languages and technologies change even more faster. It is really important that we are willing to learn new technologies and methodologies and improve upon our existing capabilities to become an excellent programmer. If the real-time problems demand, it is necessary to quickly learn the new technologies and use them effectively to solve those problems. Also note that every new technology will not solve all the problems and be cautious while choosing whether the technology is suitable for your needs or problems.
  • Keyboard Typing skills: In the initial days of programming, please focus also on improving your keyboard typing skills. Typing properly will really help in writing the programs faster and help in not loosing or forgetting the ideas we just thought. Typing skills once learned wrongly or improperly, will make it even more difficult to correct it later. So it is better to learn typing properly in the initial days. There are many good tools and websites online which help in improving the typing skills or even more better would be to go to proper typing institute at your location, Typing skills help you to become a good programmer.
In the above list we have included only the items which we think are most important in the initial days. There are list of other good practices which every programmer needs to learn as explained in detail in the book Pragmatic Programmer. We will try to discuss as many of those points when discussing the example programs.
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