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Siva Nookala - 19 Feb 2019
As discussed in What Is Programming ? Why We Need Programming programming helps automating lot of time consuming activities and reduces the human errors. Every computer program needs to be written in one of the multiple computer languages which are available. One such programming language is Java.

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Please note the following points about Java
  • Before Java was invented there were other languages like COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C++, Small Talk etc., These languages had few disadvantages which were corrected in Java.
  • Java is related to C++, which is a direct descendant of C. Java uses C syntax and many of the object oriented features are influenced by C++.
  • As with every programming language, Java also innovated many new features to solve the fundamental problems which the previous languages could not solve.
Please note that the art of programming and the programming languages are different. As the environments change and as new problems arise, there will be new programming languages and new technologies which will be created. But the art of programming might not change so radically. As computer programmers or would-be programmers, it is really important to learn the programming skills along with languages. When we have strong programming skills, learning new languages or technologies will be far more easier.

Please note the two important points about Programming Skills and Languages.
  • If a programmer is excellent in one language, he can naturally excel in any other language. Learning new technologies should be easy.
  • Learning one language thoroughly is better than having limited knowledge in multiple languages.
Please read How Can I Be A Good/Excellent Programmer for more information on improving the programming skills.
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