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Internet helped Java to bring it to the forefront and Java influenced Internet by simplifying the web programming and inventing applets. Applets expanded the scope of internet. Java also addressed two other important issues of internet, which are security and portability.

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  • Java Applets - An applet is a special kind of program that is transmitted over the Internet and automatically executed by the Java-compatible web browser. Applets are usually small programs and these helped in moving some user interactive programs from server to client, hence improving the usability of the web application. The typical examples of applets are tax calculator or some forms with input fields having lots of interaction between them.
  • Security - Since applets are automatically downloaded and run on the client machine, there are restrictions on what can be done in Applets. They can use only a subset of all the functions supported by Java. e.g., They can not access local file system or they can not launch other programs on the client system. Java achieved this protection by restricting an applet to Java execution environment and not allowing it access to other parts of the computer.
  • Portability - Since Internet is comprised of many different types of computers and operating systems, it is important for the programs to run on all these systems. Either we have to have a separate program for every operating system or write a portable (or platform independent) program like Java Applet which runs everywhere. This portability is achieved by using Bytecode In Java

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