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Siva Nookala - 20 Feb 2017
The final Java package, java.util, contains a collection of utility classes.

Data Structure Classes
A variety of useful classes implementing standard computer science data structures: including BitSet, Dictionary, Hashtable, Stack and Vector. The java.util package also defines the Enumeration interface which provides a protocol for classes to count through a set of values.

Use the Date class to create and manipulate calendar dates in a system-independent fashion._DNL StringTokenizer
This class converts a String of text into its tokens.

This class implements persistent properties. The properties table contains key/value pairs where both the key and the value are Strings. This class is used by the System class to implement System properties.

Observer and Observable
Classes that implement the Observer interface can "watch" Observable objects for state changes. When an Observable object changes it notifies all of its Observers of the change.

Random-Number Generator
The Random class implements a random-number generator.

The Enumeration interface defines a generic programming interface for iterating through a set of values.

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