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Siva Nookala - 06 Oct 2016
The I/O classes defined by are listed below :

Classes :
Java BufferedInputStream Java FileWriter PipedOutputStream
Java BufferedOutputStream - BufferedOutputStream In Java FilterInputStream PipedReader
BufferedReader In Java FilterOutputStream PipedWriter
Java BufferedWriter FilterReader Java PrintStream Class
Java ByteArrayInputStream FilterWriter PrintWriter Class In Java
Java ByteArrayOutputStream Java InputStream Class PushbackInputStream
Java CharArrayReader InputStreamReader Java PushbackReader
Java CharArrayWriter LineNumberReader Java RandomAccessFile
Console Java ObjectInputStream Reader Class In Java
DataInputStream ObjectInputStream.GetField SequenceInputStream
DataOutputStream ObjectOutputStream SerializablePermission
Java File Class ObjectOutputStream.PutField StreamTokenizer
FileDescriptor ObjectStreamClass StringReader
Java FileInputStream ObjectStreamField StringWriter
Java FileOutputStream Java OutputStream Class Java Writer Class
FilePermission OutputStreamWriter
Java FileReader PipedInputStream
The package also contains two depcreated class that are not not shown in the preceding table: <b>LineNumberInputStream</b> and <b>StringBufferInputStream</b>. These classes should not be used for new code.

Interfaces :
The following interfaces are defined by
Closeable FileFilter ObjectInputValidation
DataInput FilenameFilter Java ObjectOutput
DataOutput Flushable OjbectStreamConstants
Externalizable In Java with Example ObjectInput Serialization In Java

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