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Daily Dose

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BlacklampEveryone is eligible for this competition, if you want participate go to Merit Campus facebook page.

As part of the Daily Dose contest, we will post four questions every day (excluding Saturday and Sunday) on Facebook (Merit Campus). The questions will be related to Programming with Java.

Any one who liked our page can write the 'Correct answer/explanation' as a comment on the question post. The following recharges will be awarded for every dose (Total Rs. 25).

  1. First correct answer & reasonable explanation - Rs. 6
  2. Best explanation - Rs. 10
  3. Popular comment with maximum likes - Rs. 4
  4. Lucky Liker - Rs. 5
One person can win all of them. There is no restriction on how many of the above 4 recharges can a user win. If a person only gives the answer, but the explanation is wrong, then he/she is not eligible for first and best comment recharges. He/she will be still eligible for popular comment and lucky liker. The popular comment and lucky liker are automatically decided by the application.

Deciding the winners: We will check the comments on the post after few hours and decide the winners. Once the winners are decided, we will comment on the post with the winners names. The winners can login into our site through facebook and go to the earnings page for claiming the recharge. Once the mobile number/operator details are received, we will start processing the recharge. Usually it will be completed in less than 1 day, but some times the processing can take up to 7 days.
The winners and the recharge status will also be included in our results page. (The status is not updated frequently. Please see our Facebook page for latest details.)

Recharge Amount: The recharge amount of Rs. 25 is awarded per dose irrespective of the complexity.

Request: Please review the previous comments before posting your answer. Post/Comment only if you think, none of the previous comments are correct.

Other Important Rules/Info:
1. Only one comment per person.
2. Edited comments on Facebook will not be accepted.
3. Answer and explanation should be in the same comment. Explanations like 'because of program execution', 'following the program steps', 'since by tracing code', 'by tracing the code we get the answer', 'by the following the methods', 'by tracin da code' or 'by executing the program' will not be accepted.
4. Merit Campus reserves the right to decide who won the contest. And our decision will be final.
5. We are at Merit Campus in Facebook.
6. Note that we can only process pre paid mobiles in India.
7. There wont be any daily doses on Saturday and Sunday.

Sample Post/Question

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