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Below is the list of feedbacks we have received from 01-Jan-2013 to 31-Jan-2013. Thanks to everyone who has given us this valuable feedback. Our responses are written on 31-Jan-2013.

NOTE: Please pardon us for any grammatical/spelling mistakes below :-) If you have any other feedback, please leave it here.
FromFeedback ReceivedOur Response
Anonymous Dear Merit Campus, Your website is really helping me out since I'm not going to Java classes. I'm learning everything I know from this website, youtube, and a textbook. Even though I don't understand how your site will get profit from everything you are doing, this initiative you set forth is very encouraging to students/programmers everywhere! I have a small complaint about your tutorials though, the grammar needs to be improved! Sometimes, its hard to follow along because of those mistakes, but continue to do a great job! Thanks for everything Merit Campus! Rock on! Thanks for the feedback about our grammar. Currently we do not have any technical writers on the team. Its only technical folks writing the topics, hence the bad grammar and spelling mistakes :-) We are in the process of getting few volunteers who can review our topics and correct the mistakes. We are not sure how long it might take, but we will try to improve the situation as soon as possible.
Anonymous hello merit campus,the initiative u took is seriously praise worthy,this program is improving our programming ability, my feedback is regarding just4fun (j4f). The idea of it pretty good,it even gives an opportunity for those who miss the daily dose in few seconds with fairly good reasoning.I think your sole motto is to encourage such talent.But i feel its being misused by is very easy for a person to win it,by just telling there friends to like the very motto of MERIT campus is defeated. This is what i personally feel.i may be wrong.please do ignore it if u feel so.Thank you :) Thanks for the feedback about the j4f. Apart from your feedback, since the participation is also abnormally low, we want to discontinue this contest after the Set 2. The remaining prize money will be diverted to the dailydose or to any other new contest we may start. We will publish those details shortly.
Srihari Adelli thank you for providing the platform like merit campus. This helps in developing the skill of problems solving from multiple choice questions. From the questions with 5 or 6 marks ,it is helping in developing the application part. Making us confident that we can solve any problem. Thus, as I am student of OUCE 2nd year I feel that, I am learning java just reading the language but applying the language in finding the solutions. I thank you a lot for that. Thank you.
Sprutika Battu Honest Feedback: This website it great to learn Java! Although, it would really help me if the tutorial vids were in english. It seems like you are explaining in great detail but the language is a barrier for me. Also, it would help if the grammatical errors were fixed in the tutorials. The contests on ur website are a huge hit. We (2nd year CSE) are discussing you programming question in class everyday! Thanks for that! Thanks for your feedback about the language and about the grammar. As mentioned above, we will try to get as much help as possible to improve the grammar.

It might take some more time for us, to create the videos in English. We tried translating those videos into English without rerecording it, but it is not working out since the mouse movements are not in sync with audio. We will start the recording of videos in English, once we complete them in Telugu.
Soundarya Velugubantla i think merit campus is good opportunity to prove & improve programming skills.week end hack programs are really good.they make us think alot to solve.dailydose questions are good since these are for mostly for one mark Thank you.
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