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Example java Programs

Question Name
Do While Demo
Basic Algebra
Print Subjects
Print min max and average temperatures with out using methods
Print min max and average temperatures Using methods
Factorial Using Recursion
Calculate Simple Interest Using Methods
Return Statement
Block of code for if
Block of code
Scope in same block
Nestedmultiple blocks
Lifetime of variable
While Demo
For Loop example
Nested for loop
Nested while example
Store team scores for 3 years
Student Marks Array
Factorial using while loop
Factorial using for loop
Pre and Post Increment
Find Modulus
Compound Assignment Operators
Boolean Logic
Short circuit AND
Ternary Example
Break for loop
Break Switch Statement
Simulate Go To using break
Print production combinations till 15
Print even numbers
Print PassFail Result
Classify Person
Print Student Grade
Print Direction
Type Conversion
Int to Byte Conversion
Data type casting
Sum of numbers
Temperature conversion
Print team scores and total score
Print team scores
Print number relations
Print student details using arrays
Class References and Objects
Print Student Details Using Classes
Multiple Constructors for Student
Student class with multiple methods
Class Composition
Data validation using classes
Find Rectangle Area And Perimeter
Find Largest Shape
Compare Entertainments
Compare Entertainments Using Inheritance
Compare Entertainments Using Methods
Pass By Value
Pass By Reference
Vehicles Hierarchy
Intermediate Students
Icecream Prices
Icecream Prices Using Method Overriding
Method Overriding Multiple Levels
Icecream Prices Call Super Class Constructors
Multi Level Constructors
Multi Level Default Constructors
Call Overridden Methods
Run Time Polymorphism
Calculate Areas
Find Shape With Largest Area
Cricket Players Class Hierarchy
Cricket Players Class Hierarchy Using Interfaces
Account Interface
Test Student Marks
Test Student Marks Using Private Keyword
Count Number Of Students
Hello World Program
Pass Command Line Arguments
Distribute Chocolates For Students
Railway Exceptions
Print variable value
Print Alphabets Classification
ListIterator Demo
SubstringExample String Buffer
equals vs String Comparison
Serializable Test
Externalizable Test
trim of String class
String Length
StringBufferreverse Demo
StringBufferdelete and deleteCharAt Demo
StringComparisonequals and equalsIgnoreCase Demo
String Tokenizer Demo
String Concatenation
Arrays asList Test
Arrays Sort Test
Arrays BinarySearch Test
String Concatenation Demo

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