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Block of code - Java Example Program

Block of code
class CodeBlock
    public static void main(String arg[])
        System.out.println("In main block");
        {    // LINE A
            System.out.print("In ");
            System.out.print("inner ");
            System.out.print("block ");    // LINE A1
        {    // LINE B
            System.out.print("In ");
            System.out.print("inner ");
            System.out.print("block ");
            {    // LINE C
                System.out.println ("Block inside inner block two");
        } // LINE D    

In main block
In inner block One
In inner block Two
Block inside inner block two


Here we have two inner blocks starting at LINE A and LINE B. Inside the second inner block we have one more block starting at LINE C. The class content and the main method content are also blocks. In total there are 5 blocks in this program.

  • Remove the open curly brace at LINE C and check what compilation error do you get.
  • Remove the close curly brace at LINE D and see the compilation error. Is the error same as what we got when we removed the open brace.
  • Change the code to remove all the curly braces for the three blocks and check if the output changes.
  • Include LINE A1 inside one more block and see the output.

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