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Scope in same block - Java Example Program

Scope in same block
class ScopeInSameBlock
    public static void main(String arg[])
        int x = 15;    // LINE A
        int y = x;    // LINE B
        int z = y + 20;    // LINE C
        System.out.println("x = " + x);    // LINE D
        System.out.println("y = " + y);    // LINE E
        System.out.println("z = " + z);    // LINE F

x = 15
y = 15
z = 35


Any variable will be valid in the statements below its declaration. It will not be valid before it is declared. Here x is in scope in all lines below LINE A, until the end of the block. Where as y is valid in lines below LINE B and z is valid (or in scope) after LINE C. Using any variable not in scope will throw an 'undefined variable' compilation error.

  • Change the order of lines - put LINE B above LINE A.
  • Move LINE D above LINE B or try moving LINE F above LINE B

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