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Order decimal numbers from lowest to highest

Order the following from lowest to highest value.
  • move 7777777E-6
  • move 0.000079E7
  • move 7.4E-1
  • move 73
  • move 7.5E+3
  • move 760
  • move 0.0077

Example of literal437

What is not an example of literal?
A. "Hello"
B. marks
C. true
D. 525

Literal type group

What group does the literal 34.65 belong?
A. Integer Group
B. Floating Point Group
C. Character Group
D. Boolean Group

Example of literal

What is not an example of literals?
A. 23.4
B. 198
C. 'a'
D. None of the above

Literal type group for Sai Baba

Which group type does the literal "Sai Baba" belong?
A. Character Group
B. Floating Point Group
C. Integer Group
D. String Group

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