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Welcome to Merit Campus Super Affiliate Program

What should the Super Affiliate do?

Give a demo about Merit Campus to at least 150 friends and classmates to get at least 5 paid registrations.

Suggest Merit Campus in Facebook and get at least 50 students to like the page.

Get at least 5 paid registrations

What will Super Affiliate get ?

Certificate/Appreciation Letter from Merit Campus confirming the work.

Mobile Cash_bag
Mobile phone worth of Rs. 10000, if you get 50 paid registrations or more. For lesser number of registrations you will get a percentage as shown below.

0-5 paid registrations you will get 50% For 5-25 paid registrations you will get 75% For 25-50 paid registrations you will get 90%

Mention of your help in our Contributors page.

If you are interested to become a super affiliate, please mail us at or call us at 8500-62-2255 (8500-MC-CALL).

For smaller help, go to affiliate page >>

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