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Arrays are used to store lots of similar data in one variable instead of multiple variables. That is, if we want to store the scores (or runs) of various cricket teams, we can either have india_score, pak_score, aus_score, srilanka_score or simply scores which contains the scores of all teams.
To learn more about Arrays read this topic Arrays.

To learn more about Creation And Declaration Of Array In Java read this topic Creation And Declaration Of Array In Java.

To learn more about Arraylist Access Using Index read this topic Arraylist Access Using Index.

Creating and initializing arrays, can be made simple by using Array initializer.To learn more about Java Array Initialization read this topic Java Array Initialization.

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Java supports multi dimensional arrays like 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions etc., A 2-dimensional array (2D array) is comprised of many one-dimensional (1D) arrays. To learn more about Java Multidimensional Array read this topic Java Multidimensional Array.

Arrays are very useful in reducing the number of variables created and in reducing the code complexity.To learn more about Learn Arrays And Loops read this topic Learn Arrays And Loops.

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