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How To Learn Java Programming Language?

Java Programming language is currently one of the world's most significant and popularly used computer languages, and it (Java Programming) has held this uniqueness for many years. Unlike some other computer languages whose influence has loosened for the time being, while Java's has grown. And most of the people still learn Java instead of other programming languages because of its popularity.

As of 2016, Java programming language is one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web-applications, with a reported 9 million developers using and working on it.

Java Programming Language, How To Learn Java Programming Language?

Java Programming Language was developed by James Gosling, Chris Warth, Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan and Ed Frank at Sun Microsystems, Inc in the year 1991. At first Java Programming Language was named as Oak, later that it was renamed to Java in the year 1995.

Java Programming is a platform independent language. The Internet (World Wide Web) made Java programming more valuable. Since, Internet is connected to different types of systems which having different CPU's & environments, it must have the programs to run on any OS, CPU and Platform. Since, Java programming obtain platform independence and can able to run on any platform like Unix, Intel, Mac etc., it was widely used. Java language also protects two other major issues of Internet, they are security & portability.

In this section, we'll go into detail about Java basics:
1.1 What Is Programming ? Why We Need Programming
  • The Computer Programming help in automating the tasks which are time consuming, error prone, repetitive, not person dependent etc., They also ...Read More

1.2 How To Learn Programming & Programming Skills
  • As computer programmers or would-be programmers, it is really important to learn the programming skills along with languages. When we have strong ...Read More

1.3 How Can I Be A Good/Excellent Programmer
  • Learning a computer programming language is very easy compared to writing good programs and using the language effectively. For a beginner, it might take...Read More

1.4 More Details On Java
1.4.1 Creation Of Java Language for Platform Independence - WORA
  • Java's primary motivation was platform independence and not internet. Platform independence means the ability to write a program on one platform and...Read More

1.4.2 Java And Internet - Creating Java Applet
  • Internet helped Java to bring it to the forefront and Java language influenced Internet by simplifying the web programming and inventing applets. Applets expanded the...Read More

1.4.3 What Is Servlet In Java Language
  • Java language also has Servlets which are useful in dynamically extending the functionality of web browser. With Servlets, Java spanned on the both sides of ...Read More

1.4.4 Java Bytecode
  • Java in order to support security and portability, does not compile the source code to executable code. It is translated into bytecode, which is highly optimized set of ...Read More

1.4.5 Java 8 Features Java Buzzwords
  • There are few other features of Java language apart from Applets, Security, Portability and Servlets which are also important. These are also called as Java Buzzwords. Which are ...Read More

1.4.6 JDK, JRE, JVM, JIT, Java Compiler
  • Here we will discuss about various terms like JDK, JRE, JVM, JIT and applications like javac, java. Java is distributed in two packages - JDK and JRE. When JDK is ...Read More

1.4.7 Java versions and changes done in every version
  • Although initial version of Java language, the 1.0 by itself extraordinary, the latter changes to Java were equally important and have highly evolved over ...Read More

1.4.8 Java Keywords
  • There are 50 keywords in java language which have special meaning. These will be used to communicate with the compiler. You cannot use any of the following keywords as ...Read More

1.5 Simple Programs and Development environment
1.5.1 Installation Of Java on your PC
  • Here we will discuss how to install Java on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. The steps are not exactly same but more or less same for any other Windows version or ...Read More

1.5.2 Java Sample Program - Simple 'Hello World' Program In Java Language
  • Lets look at the simplest Java language program which prints Hello World onto the output screen. Every Java program needs this structure and with out this the program ...Read More

1.5.3 How to Compile and Run Java Program In Cmd Prompt
  • It is more important to understand how to compile and run your programs on the local machine Using Command Prompt. Because in real time you will need to run your ...Read More

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